Your average high street bank, offers these services, but only as “add-on’s”

Using a specialist currency broker to make international payments for you, ensures that you receive the most competitive exchange rates from a money transfer service that is operating all day.

Our telephone foreign exchange service is here to give you direct access to your personal currency broker. Our brokers have the tools to be able to monitor exchange rates and inform you when your ideal rate has been reached, so that you can maximise your money on the exchange.

One call to your personal broker is all it takes to initiate the currency exchange.

Making an International Payment couldn’t be easier.

No need to leave your office, or home, to walk down to the High Street bank. Just register with GCEN online, then make a call to start the process.

Here’s how it works:

1. Register online

Sign up online. It takes just a few moments and could save you a great deal.

2. Call for a Quote.

One call to GCEN will ensure that you are offered the best rates available.

3. The details

Tell us who you want to pay and when they need to receive it by.

4. Send your money

Send the agreed amount of money to GCEN along with your reference number

5. We send your money

When we receive your money, we exchange it, and send it on for you.

6. You can track online

Using your log in, track your payment online.

It’s that easy!

Foreign Exchange and International Payments are the primary focus of our business.

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