Regular Payments Facility

Save money by transferring your regular payments at commercial rates.

Setting up a regular monthly payment is easy with GCEN.

Our Regular Monthly payments facility is ideal for people who receive a regular amount in one currency ( like a pension payment) and need some of that money exchanged into another currency.

We exchange your payment to us, on the same date every month, and send it to your other account. There is no commission and no transfer fee.

Step 1

Register with us to take advantage of our regular monthly payments system.

Get your money exchanged and paid to you on the same date every month.

Step 2

Once registered please complete the monthly payment form.

If you already a GCEN client, please log in below and go to “View Transactions”. You will find a Regular Payments form online.

Step 3

Arrange for a standing order to be paid into GCEN’s account.

Step 4

On the same date every month, your foreign currency is purchased at the commercial rate of exchange.

We then make a free transfer to your destination account.

Note: If your mortgage payment falls on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd of the month, please make sure you initially transfer two amounts to cover your first mortgage payment as the funds could credit as late as the 11th of the month.

Foreign Exchange and International Payments are the primary focus of our business.