Your average high street bank, offers these services as “add-on’s”

Our simple online international payments facility has been developed to make your currency transfers very easy.

You can convert almost any amount online and then make an order for the exchange and payment to be made.

Wherever you have the internet, you can have access to your online GCEN account. No need to wait until office hours, or call your broker, or walk to the bank. Just make an online order with GCEN.

Payments can be made with debit, or credits cards. Or, you can opt to make a bank transfer to us.

Making an International Payment, online, couldn’t be easier.

No need to leave your office, or home, to walk down to the High Street bank. Just register with GCEN online, then log into your GCEN account to begin.

Here’s how it works:

1. Register online

Sign up online. It takes just a few moments and could save you a great deal.

2. Log into your account.

When logged in, use the currency converter and begin your online order

3. The details

The forms will ask who you wish to pay.

4. Make a payment

Either pay online with a card, or send the agreed amount of money to GCEN along with your reference number

5. We send your money

When we receive your money, we exchange it, and send it on for you.

6. You can track online

Using your log in, track your payment online.

It’s that easy!

Foreign Exchange and International Payments are the primary focus of our business.

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