Spot transaction

The simplest way of transferring money

Think buy now, pay now. You buy your money now, at the current exchange rate and pay for it immediately. Ideal for you when you need to send money without delay.

Your account manager will help you get a great exchange rate, or you can do it via your online account 24/7.

Forward transaction

Think buy now, pay later.

Looking for peace of mind and taking the risk out of a currency purchase? A forward might be ideal for you.

You can buy all your money now, at today’s exchange rate, just by paying a deposit. If you fix the exchange rate now, it takes the worry out of the exchange rate moving between now and when you need the money.

You then pay the balance at a later date (chosen by you – for up to 1 year). You can even access the money as and when you need to, at the fixed exchange rate.

As an example – your deposit on a property and any other bills you may need to pay before completion.

Rate Watch

If you’re budgeting for a certain exchange rate, we can keep you updated and let you know when the exchange rate gets there. We have other tools available also, to mitigate risk and help you manage your transfer. On top of the rate watch function, it would be best to speak with one of our specialists who can put a detailed plan in place for you.

Monthly Transfers

Set up your payment and let us do the work – perfect for those that need to pay their mortgage, transfer their pension or pay regular bills

Ask your bank to set up a standing order to reach us by the last day of every month.

We convert at the current exchange rate and send out your currency to your designated bank account.

It means you don’t need to remember to transfer money each month to pay your bills. We do it all for you.

If you need to change the amount you transfer at any time, just tell the bank to change the standing order amount.

Buy your currency online 24/7

Buy your money, whatever time, day or night

Freedom to choose when you want to buy your money. Sitting at home in your pajamas at 3am? No problem, just login to your account and buy your money.

Login(hyperlink) to your account. Buy your currency (up to £10,000) and pay for it by debit or by bank transfer.

While there you can also add new bank details to send money to and track your payments.