Spot transaction

The simplest way of transferring money

Think buy now, pay now. You buy your money now, at the current exchange rate and pay for it immediately. Ideal for you when you need to send money without delay.

Your account manager will help you get a great exchange rate, or you can do it via your online account 24/7.

Forward transaction

Think buy now, pay later.

Looking for peace of mind and taking the risk out of a currency purchase? A forward might be ideal for you.

You can buy all your money now, at today’s exchange rate, just by paying a deposit. If you fix the exchange rate now, it takes the worry out of the exchange rate moving between now and when you need the money.

You then pay the balance at a later date (chosen by you – for up to 1 year). You can even access the money as and when you need to, at the fixed exchange rate.

As an example – your deposit on a property and any other bills you may need to pay before completion.

Bulk Payments

Are you making mass payments either domestically or Internationally. Do you get a high rejection rate on your payments? Finding it a time consuming and difficult task to match the returned payments with the outgoing payment? We make over 400,000 payments per year…we feel your pain.

So we built a mass payment system with you in mind.

A system that validates bank details before payments are made to reduce your failure rate when missing basic information. If any monies do bounce back we will match the returned payment with the original payment and include a reason for the return.

Our system handles the workload for you efficiently, reduces failure rates. cuts down on time and resources working out the returned payments and gives significant cost savings.

Receive Payments

Receiving funds in multiple currencies?

Using your bank to receive funds in currencies other than your own home currency often means having multiple bank accounts at cost, or having your bank convert the incoming payment into your own currency.

Receive third party payments into your account with GCEN and keep them in that currency and convert when you choose. Giving you flexibility of timing and a bank beating exchange rate.

Need to use the funds without converting? No problem. Pay funds out in any currency at any time.

Buy your currency online 24/7

Looking for flexibility over how and when you buy your currency?

Our online trading system works just like your online banking. Have the flexibility to secure exchange rates out of hours and also set-up payments in your own time. Get access to all your account balances in real time, in every currency and view historical transactions.